Owney’s Original

Our first rum distilled in Brooklyn and inspiration for all subsequent variants, Owney’s Original is a truly one of a kind white spirit full of bold character and complexity.

Tasting notes


Extremely Floral, Molasses, Tropical Fruits, Funk


Banana, Cane, Smoke, Earth


Medium Body, Long and Dry

The Ingredients

We are purists — Our original Owney’s is made from 3 simple, premium ingredients – all natural, non-GMO, USA grown sugar cane molasses; a proprietary yeast; and filtered NYC tap water.

The Fermentation

Often times the powers of flavor creation during fermentation are overlooked. We implement a long (7+ days) and cool (75F) fermentation in our process with the goal of creating a high ester content in our liquid. By controlling time and temperature, we use our yeast to produce tons of organic acids which combine with alcohols to form esters. These esters = tremendous flavor in our final product – tropical fruits, grass, bananas, and smoke!

The Distillation

Our pot still distillations are done by batch, use low steam pressure and can take up to 10 hours for a run – only capturing 15 liters of rum an hour. The most unique part is that our collective heart distillate is 164 proof – very low for a white rum. Instead of stripping out the alcohol to a neutral level, this low rectification distillation showcases all the flavors from our ingredients and fermentation process, but refines the spirit enough to be extremely palatable with no need for barrel aging.

The Blending & Bottling

The final step in our production blends the 164 proof distillate to 80 proof with filtered NYC tap water.

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